How to find sick livestock?


How to find sick livestock?

From the previous blog, we have introduced the Animal Identification Tag (Animal ID) and its basic applications. In the blog, we will describe more applications in which animal tags can help to manage and control the farm better. 

The problems mainly found in the animal are sick and disease. The cattle, sheep, or goats can be sick easily when the weather changes, especially in young and weak animals. They can infect more easily and spread the disease to others to make them sick. So, we must track the animals and prevent the spread of the disease. 

How can we know when they are sick? 

If you get sick, you are likely to feel tired, sleep more, and act differently. The same goes for animals. And since the animals cannot tell us when they are feeling under the weather, we must use the technologies to measure the changes in their behaviors to diagnose illness before it causes more obvious and spread its disease. The animals’ behaviors when they are sick, they will spend feeding less than usual. So, we can pre-screen and check them whether they are sick or not. 

How can animal tags help? 

The animal tags make we can identify the animals from their different ID. We can preliminarily detect our animals’ health by measure eating behavior. First, we need to set up the RFID reader at the animals’ food rack. When the animals come to the rack for food, the reader will read and collect their data (ID) from the tags. We can know and get their eating data to analyze their health. If they spend feeding less than usual, the system will notify us. So, we can detect the right animal that is sick with its ID, treat it, and separate it from other animals for preventing the spread of the disease. 

Silicon Craft Technology (SIC) has designed, developed, and distributed the microchip for animal identification tags for almost 2 decades with high efficiency, quality, and unique features. Our microchips for this system are the following. 

  • SIC279 ultra-HDX transponder IC 
  • SIC278 ultra-FDX multi-protocol transponder IC 

Next, we’ll illustrate the other solution here on our SIC blog. Please stay tuned by following us. 

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