Promoting hygiene and reducing infection by RFID microchips

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Promoting hygiene and reducing infection by RFID microchips

While the number of cases in the pandemic has risen higher and higher around the world, hygiene in your surrounding is the most important concern. Especially, your house where is the place you live over than 8 hours a day. Therefore, the first device you will touch and contact before entrancing the dwelling is the door and door handle or keypad on the digital door locker.

RFID Access Control System enables you to enter your home, your office, or your car with less contact to the knob, PIN keypad, magnetic card reader, fingerprint or handle. To unlock by presenting a key fob or card embedded with RFID microchips near the reader you can easily enter your premises with less touching.

SIC provides RFID access control microchips with our low frequency and high frequency chips for tag and reader ICs, our customers can easily create currently high demand secured, hygienic, and convenient access control solutions.

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