Silicon Craft Technology PLC

Leading RFID ICs & NFC Solutions with Customized ASIC Design Expert

Silicon Craft Technology PLC (SIC), Thailand’s first and only privately-held Thai semiconductor design company, is internationally recognized as a leading provider of world-class RFID ICs or RFID microchips. As a fabless semiconductor company, Silicon Craft partners with top-tier fabs and OSATs to offer custom ASIC and standard design microchips for RFID and NFC applications in various form factors.

Silicon Craft’s reputation is strengthened by its extensive experience and expertise in the design and development of semiconductors for linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits. Specializing in innovative integrated circuit (IC) development, SIC is acknowledged as a preeminent provider and design expert in world-class RFID and NFC microchips. We are committed to sustainability and corporate responsibility, ensuring our innovations contribute positively to society and the environment.




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