Silicon Craft showcased RFID & NFC IC Technologies at ICAR and INTERBULL Conference 2024 in Slovenia

SiliconCraft at ICAR Interbull 2024

Silicon Craft showcased RFID & NFC IC Technologies at ICAR and INTERBULL Conference 2024 in Slovenia

On May 20-23, Silicon Craft showcased RFID and NFC IC innovations for animal identification and animal health monitoring at the ICAR and INTERBULL Conference 2024. This conference took place at the RIKLI BALANCE Hotel in Bled, Slovenia.

Firstly, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to each and every one of you who visited our booth at the conference. Your attention motivates us to continue developing RFID and NFC microchips for enhancing your livestock productivity and improving farm management. We hope you find our innovative technology valuable and capable of optimizing your business.


About Highlighted Silicon Craft Products Showcase


1. Animal Health Monitoring using RFID and NFC Sensor Interface IC


Silicon Craft presents a concept of animal health monitoring technology that provides on-site rapid testing, accurate test results, digitalized analysis, and cost-effectiveness. It connects via Bluetooth and uses a smartphone application for easy control of the monitoring process.

This technology monitors key metabolic parameters like glucose and ketone levels to diagnose ketosis, a disease that reduces milk yield and affects dairy cow health. It is designed to enhance livestock productivity through efficient individual monitoring of dairy cow health and data collection to improve farm productivity.

This tool combines our RFID microchip technologies, including an LF animal identification reader with an NFC reader (RE31) to operate with sensor interface IC (SIC4341) using LF animal ID tag IC (SIC278SIC279, or SIC7150) for individual monitoring animal health.


Animal Health Monitoring using RFID and NFC Sensor Interface IC


If you would like more information on how our sensor interface IC (SIC4341) monitors ketone levels in dairy cows, you can find detailed insights in our white paper: Post-Calving Dairy Cow Health Monitoring for Ketosis.


2. Animal Identification Tag ICs

Microchips for livestock tracking with best-in-class read range, allowing for efficient and accurate identification. They store essential information such as animal identification numbers, breed, weight, age, and vaccination records. This information helps in livestock farm management, enabling farmers to efficiently monitor the health and growth of each animal. Additionally, these microchips are crucial for disease control by identifying sick animals, which helps prevent the spread of diseases to other farms. Moreover, they can also be used in small animals like pets, lab animals, fish, and birds through injectable bio-glass mini transponders under the skin.


LF RFID tag ICs for animal identification.


3. NFC Sensor Interface ICs

An advanced NFC microchip is designed to measure bio and chemical substances, making it an essential tool for healthcare, agricultural, and environmental monitoring. These RFID ICs are capable of measuring biomarkers such as glucose levels in blood, ketone levels in dairy cows, nitrite concentrates in shrimp farms, and detecting pesticides in fruits and vegetables. It can also measure heavy metals and pH levels in water. With our technology, you can revolutionize your approach to monitoring and management across various applications.


NFC sensor interface ICs for bio and chemical substances measurement.

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