About SIC

Shape the world of securedconnected devices with innovation & intelligence

SIC, the Thailand’s first and the only one privately held Thai semiconductor design company, is internationally recognized as a leading provider of world-class RFID microchips. The company also designs, markets and sells its standard innovative microchips and sub-system components for analog value creating applications as SIC’s vision.

Our Mission

Product & Service

By our research and development, we will design, market, deliver the Integrated Circuit Design (IC) or microchip and provide other services with high value-added features, creative, and differentiate innovation.

Our Mission

Customer & Partner

We will manage and operate in order to develop innovative products and services to provide and ally with our customers and partners for world-class mutual success.

Our Mission


We believe that employees are important and valuable human resources to make our company’s success. Therefore, we will make a happy work environment for enabling them to build creative and potential, enhance productivity and and continuously self-develop.

Who We Are

Silicon Craft Technology Public Company Limited
( “The Company” or “SIC” )

was founded by a group of researchers and experts with coinciding ideals, who, in close cooperation with the government, established the first and only integrated circuit design company in Thailand in 2002.


Our History

SIC was established in 2002 formed by veterans of Silicon Valley, USA. SIC offers novel, custom, and standard design microchips for RFID applications and delivers products that carry high-value added features and superior overall systems performance.

The products’ quality is endorsed by years of lasting partnerships. SIC’s reputation has been further solidified through its experience and expertise in the design and development of world-class foundry semiconductor manufactures of linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits.

Public Company Limited Registered with The Securities Exchange of Thailand to be a Public Company Limited
Customer more than 20 countries and with 70 dedicated employees
Expand testing and production team in order to meet the increasing demand
Thailand's first RFID animal tag series were successfully developed
Founded by Mr. Manop Dhamsirianunt from Silicon Valley

Product / Service



SIC offers the microchips for access and immobilizer systems

Animal Identification

Animal Tag

SIC offers the microchips for the livestock identification tag which can be used in a wide range of animals

Industrial IOT

Access Control

SIC offers microchips for the access control and interrogator or reader system

NFC & Sensor

Near Field Communication

SIC offers microchips for Near Field Communication (NFC) which can be used in many industrial