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Item Level Authentication


(80-bit authentication code) and SIC43S1(AES 128 bit Authentication code) are the NFC T2T ICs with secure authenticated code(SAC). This SAC plays important role on the product anti-counterfieting verification. With some server-side working, SIC43NT and SIC43S1 can protect your market from the counterfieting products.

NFC Sensor Interface

SIC4340 / SIC4340

Are the NFC T2T ICs with the sensor interface curcuit. They can read the sensor by biasing the current(SIC4340) or voltage (SIC4341) and then read back the sensor’s value and convert by ADC to send to the phone via NFC. These two ICs can provide an opportuniry to create the low-cost NFC-based sensor interface test kit which is match to the point-of-care application.

NFC Connectivity

SIC4310 / SIC4311

Are the NFC T2T with the UART interface and the NFC power harvesting function. Both ICs are designed for adding flexivility and create the NFC-connectivity to the installed devices. For example, using NFC phone for device configuration and diagnosis, or using NFC phone to updating the e-paper display.

Animal Identification

SIC278 / SIC279

transponders for Animal identification application both in FDX(SIC278) and HDX(SIC279). Both ICs are conformed to ISO11784/11785 Animal ID standards. SIC’s animal ID transponders are widely accepted by the customer around the world, mainly in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Asia.



Is the security IC which protects the engine to start without the authentication. Not only the special immobilizer ASICs the SIC provides to maty keymakers, but also the transponders which are conformed to the widely-use transponders in the market.

Access control

SIC's HF reader IC family

Is the main products in this application. The HF reader IC fanilily is provided with good price/performance radio to match with the system that requires high product value. Another product is the LF transponder IC which is match to the legacy access control all over the world.

Application Details

Smart City & Life

All of our product lines are used in versatile applications in modern society