Product Description

Multi-purpose R/W LF RFID IC – SIC279

SIC279 is a fully integrated Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) ASIC using Half-Duplex transmission for advanced electronic tags. The device in Read-Only mode is fully compliant with the ISO11784/11785 HDX animal RFID data protocol and structure. The device in R/W mode can be configured to support any customized ID format. The IC contains a pre-configured 128-bit ID for generic HDX RFID reader, and additional 192 bits (6 blocks) of R/W user memory for advanced application. The device is intended for use in animal ID tag applications having advanced features that allow users to perform read/write operation with companion advanced database readers/writers. The factory UID ensures the chip uniqueness, which prevents the ID from cloning. SIC279 is a low power CMOS IC that contains on-chip resonant capacitors and on-chip tunable capacitors, which are programmable and able to operate as soon as the device powers on. SIC279 can achieve 15% longer read range comparing to SIC7900X. The device operates with only an external inductor1).

SIC279 operates in half-duplex mode, where the transponder charges energy from activation field of the RFID reader into a large storage capacitor (typically 220 nF). By default, after the activation field is turned off, the transponder transmits its 128-bit animal ID to the reader. The transponder responds via an FSK modulation scheme, in which data ‘0’ is 134.2 kHz, data ‘1’ is 124.2 kHz, and each bit is 16 clock cycle long. If the reader wants to send a data stream to the transponder, it turns on and off the RF field in a predefined pattern to signify binary data.

Note: 1) This feature is available only in some package, e.g. HDFN

Highlight Features

  • New improvement from its predecessor to fully support
  • Industrial application (BDE format)
  • Customizable, long read range R/W RFID transponder
  • Half duplex FM telegram 124/134 kHz contactless read/write data
  • On-chip tunable resonant capacitor controlled by non-volatile memory switch
  • Available in HDFN package, fully compatible with its predecessor

Supported Protocols

  • Compliant with BDE format (for waste management application)
  • Fully compliant with ISO 11784/11785 HDX R/O Animal tag
  • ID data protocol/structure
  • Fully compliant with mainstream HDX R/W ID format


  • R/W user memory of 6X32 (192 bits)
  • Supporting user access to factory unique ROM ID (UID), preventing chips from cloning
  • Direct Access/Write Mode
  • Protected Direct Access/Write Mode
  • One-time programming (OTP) configuration
  • Write endurance > 100,000 R/W cycles
  • Memory retention > 20 years


  • Proprietary command protocol
  • Comprehensive error logging reports
  • Support cascade commands

Operating Conditions

  • Carrier frequency fc is 134.2 kHz
  • Operating temperature: –25°C to 85°C


  • HDX industrial application
  • Waste bin tag (BDE)
  • HDX ISO 11784/85 Animal Tag, ICAR compliant RFID tags
  • Long Read-Range EAS Transponders