SIC offers its complete range of high-quality products through a network of world-class distributors. To ensure the authenticity and reliability of your SIC purchase, we strongly recommend ordering products only from authorized distributors. Purchasing SIC products from unauthorized sources may lead to counterfeit, damaged, or unsuitable items.

To order SIC products, please refer to the list of authorized distributors provided below. These distributors have been carefully selected and authorized by SIC to provide you with genuine products and excellent service:

SIC Distributor Network Lists

Company: Freevision Technologies
Phone Number:
+86 18621879788
Contact: Winker Wang
E-mail: winker.wang@freevisioncorp.com
Website: https://www.freevisioncorp.com/

FasThink Srl
Phone Number: +39 0362 1400 007​
Email: info@fasthink.com
Website: https://www.fasthink.com
*for immobilizer product

Elektronika Sales Pvt Ltd.
Phone Number: +91-99208-64058
Contact: Ravindra Shinde
Website: https://elektronikasales.com

Company: Hitachi High-Tech Nexus Corporation​
Website: https://www.hitachi-hightech.com/jp/ja/products/ict-solution/rfid/
*for a specific product

Company: CY Security Lab, LLC.​
Phone Number: +81 45-479-8145​
Email: contact@cy-securiy-lab.com
Website: https://cy-security-lab.com
*for a specific product

Company: Chang Jo Industry Co.Ltd.​​
Phone Number: +82-2-6679-4900
Email: cjcall@nate.com
Website: http://cjcall.co.kr/ 
*for a specific product

Company: Freevision Technologies
Phone Number:
+65 91892408
Contact: Jason Chua
E-mail: jason.chua@freevisioncorp.com
Website: https://www.freevisioncorp.com/

Phone Number:
Contact: Andy Chin
E-mail: andy.chin@mecmos.com
Website: http://www.mecmos.com/

Company: Freevision Technologies
Phone Number:
+1 860 834 2323
Contact: Sue Maisano
E-mail: sue.maisano@freevisioncorp.com
Website: https://www.freevisioncorp.com

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