Product Description

Long read range R/W LF RFID IC – SIC278

SIC278 is read/write low frequency FDX RFID microchip intentionally designed to maximizes read range. Air protocol and command is compatible with Hitag-S system. The on-chip 1184-bit EEPROM allow additional information to be stored for custom user applications or on-site database. The chip contains 32-bit Unique Identification Number for Anti-collision and 64-bit traceability data for optional identification. The chip has 2-Level of password for read authorization and read/write authorization.

The chip can be configured to serve most popular standard in low frequency RFID such as FECAVA, FDX-B and EM format or proprietary system. Communication mode can be set either in tag-talk-first (TTF) mode to use in traditional system or reader-talk-first in application required anti-collision. In term of performance, SIC boosting-up technique, deep modulation (Coil damping) and extremely low power consumption design are employed to obtain increasing performance in read range. SIC278 incorporates tunable resonant capacitor to accommodate variation of inductance in production process to bring resonant frequency of transponder to target. Adjusting tuning capacitor read range on production yields.

Highlight Features

  • High performance read range by SIC’s boost-up technique
  • Frequency range 100 -150 kHz
  • Integrated resonant capacitor of 210 pF
  • Air tunable resonant capacitor for maximum read range
  • Hitag-S Command Compatible (no authentication)
  • Extremely low power consumption in read mode
  • Two Level of password authorization (Read and Read/Write)

Supported Standards

  • FDX-B, ISO11784/85 Animal ID
  • 64-bitEMformat, data rate 2 kbit/s


  • Factory programmed 7-byte UID
  • 1408 bits (44 x 32) EEPROM
  • 1184 bits (37 x 32) in user memory area
  • More than 100,000 erase/write cycles
  • 20 years non-volatile data retention
  • Secure memory lock functionality
  • 32 bits Unique Identification Number (UID)
  • 64 bits Traceability data


  • Downlink, 100% ASK, 5.2 kbps pulse interval coding
  • Uplink, Deep ASK modulation with Anti-collision Manchester, DBP, and FSK (Fecava) coding
  • Selectable uplink data rate 2, 4, 8 kbps (RF/64, RF/32, RF/16respectively)
  • Hitag-S Compatible Anti-collision (up to 30tags/s)
  • CRC for Data integrity check
  • Tag-talk-first mode (TTF) with configurable max block up to 256bits

Operating Conditions

    • Operating temperature ‐40°C to 85°C
    • Available in Dice on Wafer forms, SLGA, TSOT23, Dice in Tray, MOA2, MOA2


  • Livestock Management / Breeding control
  • Animal Identification
  • Automation in industry / Item tracking
  • Logistic Management
  • Access control / Vending machine
  • Sports / Entertainment