NFC-Forum Type 2 Tag


NFC-Forum Type 2 Tag with UART Interface

Able to harvest power from NFC devices up to 10 mA and allows external devices for passive operation mode

Key Features

  • Energy Harvesting
  • UART and GPIO Interface


The SIC4310 is a dual-port, 228-byte, NFC-tag IC with an UART interface. The EEPROM memory can be accessed via either NFC/RFID reader devices or UART and is organized to be compliant with NFC Forum Tag Type 2. Apart from the memory device, the SIC4310 is intended to be a protocol converter that avails direct transparent data transfer from NFC device to UART or vice versa as well. The UART interface facilitates data communication with various kinds of devices for multipurpose applications such as MCUs or sensor modules.

Highlight Features

  • Write/read through NFC smartphone/RFID NFC/RFID reader device
  • Direct data transfer from RFID to UART or vice versa
  • Operating from either RFID power or external DC
  • 3.3-V On-chip regulator for power harvesting mode
  • Up to 10 mA source to power external circuit (Depending on harvested power from RF)
  • Compatible with NFC Forum Tag Type 2
  • +/-2% 1.8432MHz on-chip factory-trimmed oscillator

Interface and Peripheral

  • RF interface based on ISO14443A -106 kbps
  • UART interface speed from 9600 to 115200 bps
  • UART interface with hand-shaking option
  • 8 programmable GPIOs
  • Activity indicator pins
    • RF detect
    • RF Busy
    • Reserve Power Ready


  • 228 bytes EEPROM accessible from RF and UART
  • 196 bytes user memory
  • EEPROM organization enabling NDEF format
  • EEPROM erase/write cycle up to 100,000 times
  • EEPROM memory retention up to 10 years at 70 oC
  • 2 x 64-byte deep FIFO for UART data transfer – TX/RX

Operating Conditions

  • Operating temperature from -40 oC to 85 oC


  • QFN3x3 -16-Pin Package with Heat sink pad
  • Example Downloadable Android Applications
  • Software / Sample firmware available

Reference Design/Evaluation kit

  • Ready-to-use module
  • Demonstration module
  • Example Downloadable Android Applications
  • Software / Sample firmware available


  • Firmware upgrade via NFC
  • NFC bridge for embedded systems
  • Sensors NFC powered
  • Metering/vending machines
  • Smart interactive poster1 (connect to new page with content in page 28)
  • Smart home appliances
  • Wireless industrial machine interface
  • Customized/proprietary system RFID
  • Smart toys
  • Display-less home appliances

Demo Video

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