Silicon Craft Showcases the Latest RFID & NFC IC Technologies at RFID Journal Live! 2024 in Las Vegas

Silicon Craft Showcases the Latest RFID & NFC IC Technologies at RFID Journal Live! 2024 in Las Vegas

On April 9-11, Silicon Craft exhibited cutting-edge RFID and NFC IC innovations at RFID Journal Live! 2024, where RFID meets intelligence. This event took place at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, USA. First and foremost, we would like to extend our gratitude to the attendees who visited our booth number 229. It was a special time for us since Dr. Bodin Kasemset, our CEO, had the opportunity to be a speaker on April 10 during the conference.


Dr. Bodin Kasemset, CEO of Silicon Craft, presented about key features of sensor interface chips.


Debuted Showcases Healthcare Monitoring Innovations on Stage

In his presentation, Dr. Bodin unveiled the potential of NFC sensor interface chips with the topic “The Digital Transformation in Healthcare using NFC Sensor Interface Chips.” He addressed how RFID sensor interfaces were important in healthcare applications for humans, animals, and even the environment.

Dr. Bodin explained why NFC (Near Field Communication) sensor interface chips were at the forefront of enabling rapid and cost-effective bio and chemical substance measurements. These advanced RFID ICs (Integrated Circuits) facilitate battery-less, portable, precise, and rapid testing, allowing for seamless monitoring of various substances, including COVID-19 detection, ketone levels in dairy cows, pH levels in liquids. With applications spanning human, animal, and environmental monitoring, NFC sensor interface chips are revolutionizing the way we approach healthcare and environmental management.

The presentation garnered great attention from the audience, as well as showcasing our innovative IC offerings at the booth.


Innovative RFID IC Solutions for Smart-Edge Applications

As the cornerstone of smart-edge solutions, Silicon Craft realized that RFID ICs were instrumental in unlocking the potential of various applications, including industrial IoT (Internet of Things) and healthcare. These were highlighted cutting-edge RFID IC solutions that we brought to RFID Journal Live! 2024.


Silicon Craft team introduced RFID sensor interface to visitors.


1. NFC with Anti-Collision for Asset Tracking: This innovative NFC Type 5 tag IC with anti-collision technology enables fast multi-item reading and long read-range capabilities, making it ideal for asset tracking applications. By reducing stock management costs and preventing product shortages through real-time tracking, this RFID IC solution enhances inventory control and customer confidence in product authentication, even without internet access. Applications include surgical device tracking, laundry management, library management, and pharmaceutical supply chain management.

2. Dual Interface RFID UHF and I2C for Inventory Management: The dual interface RFID UHF and I2C microchip with sensor integration revolutionizes inventory management by enabling multi-item scanning capabilities and long-range sensor monitoring for temperature, humidity, and moisture. This solution optimizes cold chain logistics and enhances inventory visibility. Additionally, its Tamper Detection technology elevates security measures by tracking unauthorized access and ensuring the integrity of sealed items, making it perfect for e-seal systems. The battery-less mode operation reduces costs and promotes a greener footprint while delivering a maintenance-free experience.

3. NFC Sensor Interface for Bio and Chemical Substance Measurement: Silicon Craft’s advanced NFC sensor interface microchips enable effective bio and chemical substance measurement, crucial for agricultural management, environmental monitoring, and healthcare applications. These RFID ICs can monitor nitrite levels in shrimp farms, pesticides in fruits and vegetables, heavy metals and pH levels in water, as well as glucose blood levels and other biomarkers in healthcare settings.



As RFID and IoT technologies converge with intelligent solutions, Silicon Craft remains committed to delivering innovative RFID IC designs that drive digital transformation across industries. For businesses seeking to leverage the power of RFID ICs in their operations, we invite you to explore our comprehensive range of RFID IC solutions and connect with Silicon Craft team of experts.

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