ASIC Design Service

ASIC Design Service

Develop your product with unique and smart features, leaping ahead of competition with viable time-to-market and economy-of-scale, only available through your own ASIC device.​

Silicon Craft Technology offers the turnkey ASIC solution from requirement generation to mass production for entire life cycle of your product.


01 Almost 2 decades specialize and​ experience in designing and developing RFID ICs​

02 Decades of experience in fulfillment of world class client demand under close collaboration with leading semiconductor supplier​

03 Flexibility to customize and adjust the features for using in a wide range of applications​

04 We are the technology and IP owner, all the ICs are designed, developed, and crafted by us​


SIC43S1: NFC forum type 2 tag IC with AES-128 based security​

SIC43S1 is an NFC Forum Type 2 tag that offers ​AES-128 encryption for security applications.​The tag support authentication on both dynamic NDEF for web application as well as mutual authentication for higher security or offline verification.​

Key IP blocks

• ISO14443A Analog and Digital Frontend ​
• AES-128 encryption module​​
• Multi-location Dynamic NDEF mirror module

SIC4341: NFC with sensor interface AFE

SIC4341 is the world first NFC with a sensor interface analog front-end (AFE). NFC sensing device, e.g. Point-of-care testing (POCT) device or environmental monitoring device, can be made easily by connecting the silicon chip to a 13.56 MHz antenna and sensor substrate terminals. 

Key IP blocks

• ISO14443A Analog and Digital Frontend​​
• 8-bit DACs​
• Potentiostat Analog Frontend

RE41: High performance 13.56-MHz Multi-Standard RFID Reader IC​

RE41 is a single-chip high performance HF reader supporting a variety of 13.56-MHz contactless standard protocols including ISO14443A/B, ISO15693, and JIS-X-6319-4.

SIC also offers RA12, low power HF reader IC inductive card detection and LDO as well.

Key IP blocks

• 13.56 MHz RFID reader/writer analog frontend​
• ISO1443A/B, ISO15693, JIS-X-6319-4 Tx/Rx CODEC​
• SPI interface
• 3.3V LDO

Benefits of Using ASIC

Deliver product in desired form and function

ASIC allows you to shrink PCB realestate as well as open an opportunity to mitigate electrical and mechanical constrains in production​

Extend battery life

ASIC is tailor-made, redundant circuits or functions from off-the-shelf product are cut down to optimize power consumption to be within the power budget

Stay ahead of your competitors

Your competitors cannot buy your ASIC from the market so they cannot reproduce the same product performance using off-the-shelf devices​

Reduce product cost at high volume production

ASIC integrates all your requirements into a silicon chip, resulting in cost optimization at high volume production due to economies of scale​