Silicon Craft revealed RFID and NFC innovations, contactless technologies, for your life in Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2023

Silicon Craft revealed RFID and NFC innovations, contactless technologies, for your life in Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2023

18-19 October, Silicon Craft revealed RFID and NFC microchip solutions, the contactless technologies, in Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2023 to support smart, easy, and comfortable today lifestyle, along with manage working process and enhance product quality of industrial sectors in digital era.

As the growth of wireless technologies or IoT (internet of things) solutions, the method of connection within an IoT system, many businesses, especially tech industries, invest in IoT network solutions to unlock digital transformation and improve business resilience. They allow physical objects like electronic devices, automobiles, buildings, and networks to interact, collect, and exchange data via IoT system with widespread coverage. It’s easy to monitor, manage, and save time, cost, as well as labor with higher work efficiency than ever.  For all the above benefits, IoT technologies are necessary for businesses to maintain their competitive advantages.


Silicon Craft team explained about RFID and NFID microchip solutions to customers


In Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2023, Silicon Craft highlighted four remarkable product lines of RFID&NFC-IoT which can use both in industries and residences including:

  1. NFC for Authentication: smart microchips for authenticating products to ensure products are genuine. Moreover, our microchips use web-based authentication which can record the information. Hence, they can be used to gain customer insights and create marketing strategies.
  2. Industrial IoT: smart microchips which support your lifestyle to be easier with wireless innovation such as NFC Wireless Charging (NFC-WLC) for small devices, wearables, and gadgets. In the industrial sector, these microchips can help you to set up standard processes in factories, especially tracking applications such as in wafer fabrication process.
  3. NFC Sensor Interface: advanced NFC microchips for chemical substance measurement for effective in agricultural management, including monitoring nitrite levels in shrimp farms and pesticides in fruits & vegetables, as well as environmental management, for detecting heavy metals and pH levels in water. Moreover, these microchips are used in health care for monitoring glucose blood levels and other biochemicals.
  4. ASIC Design Service: we designed microchips as your orders to differentiate your products and service with unique and smart features in Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) device such as immobilizers transponder.



Silicon Craft would like to say “Thank you” for taking time at Booth no. 71 in Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2023. In the time to empower your business with IoT technologies, we appreciate that you found our product and service to be valuable and hope to have the opportunity to meet you again in the future.

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