Facilitate a Challenge in LF HDX RFID Continuity Using the SIC73WR


Facilitate a Challenge in LF HDX RFID Continuity Using the SIC73WR

Low-Frequency Half Duplex (LF HDX) RFID technology, operating at the frequency of 134.2 kHz, has established its value across multiple sectors due to its robust signal penetration and reliable data transmission. This RFID technology offers significant advantages, such as better reading performance in environments with metal and water, making it ideal for industrial use under harsh environments or high electrical interference.

This article examines the roles of LF HDX RFID technology across various sectors, presents trends in product availability, their implications, and introduces Silicon Craft’s solutions to these challenges.


RFID for Robust Applications

Passive RFID technology has evolved into a pivotal component in many applications, some technologies, such as RAIN RFID, focus on long reading distances, while others, like NFC, prioritize high data rates, security, and end-user device compatibility. In particular, LF HDX RFID technology has found widespread use in automated guided vehicle (AGV) positioning, industrial automation sensors, pallet or carrier identification, waste container identification, and vehicle immobilizer systems, among others.

It is also essential for animal identification in livestock, which is mandated by law in many countries. Common to these applications are challenging environments characterized by toughness, dirt, and electromagnetic noise, which also require reliable detection and accurate data transfer.

The robustness of LF HDX RFID technology has proven itself for years and makes it ideal for industrial noisy environments. The technology provides superior read range, higher data integrity, and good power efficiency on the reader side compared to its peer, LF FDX RFID systems.


Fig 1. Sample applications using LF HDX RFID technology


The Critical Crossroads of LF HDX RFID Technology

While LF HDX RFID continues to operate reliably across various industries, we recognize the evolving landscape of LF HDX RFID due to the cyclical nature of the industry and the emergence of alternative technologies. Obsolescence announcements from certain manufacturers have understandably sparked urgent concerns among users and infrastructure owners. The prospect of product discontinuity can indeed seem daunting. These concerns include operational disruptions due to the absence of new replacement units, increased costs, and difficulties in acquiring products. Moreover, when considering alternative technology, significant investment in new infrastructure is required, and the technology may not be 100% compatible, leading to hidden migration costs later.

However, rest assured that we have got your back. Silicon Craft remains committed to advancing our LF HDX RFID solutions, ensuring that your infrastructure investments continue to deliver value well into the future.

Silicon Craft takes pride in our rich history of collaboration, partnering with numerous transponder manufacturers worldwide. For years, we have reliably supplied the SIC279, an LF RFID tag IC that is fully compliant with ISO 11784/11785 HDX standards in read-only mode. Additionally, we have introduced the SIC73F1, a 32mm LF HDX multi-page glass transponder, to support the growth of the semiconductor industry. Through these efforts, we aim to contribute to the ongoing innovation and dedication to HDX technology, which remains a cornerstone in many industries.


Ensuring Business Continuity with
SIC73WR LF HDX RFID Transponder

The SIC73WR, a passive LF HDX RFID transponder from Silicon Craft, is specifically designed for a diverse range of industrial applications. It provides a seamless replacement solution, operating at a frequency of 134.2 kHz, and is available in various form factors, including wedge, 23mm glass transponder, 32mm glass transponder, and IC package.


Fig 2. LF HDX IC in various form factors: glass tag and wedge.


Key Features of the SIC73WR Transponder:

  • Full HDX Standard Compatibility: The SIC73WR transponder is fully compatible with the HDX de facto standard for read/write commands, eliminating the need to upgrade existing infrastructure and ensuring a cost-effective transition.
  • Superior Read Range Performance: This feature guarantees reliable data transmission and reception, even in challenging environments.
  • Extended User Memory: The SIC73WR transponder offers additional data storage capabilities up to 720-bit, meeting the evolving needs of various applications.
  • Industrial Grade Qualification: The transponder is built to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring robustness and reliability for industrial applications.

Advantages and Benefits of the SIC73WR Transponder:

  • Cost Savings: The SIC73WR transponder maintains compatibility with existing systems, eliminating the need for costly upgrades, and minimizing operational downtime.
  • Seamless Integration: Full compatibility with existing read/write commands ensures a smooth transition without the need for extensive overhauls.
  • Increased Reliability: The industrial grade build of the SIC73WR transponder ensures durability and longevity, reducing maintenance costs and improving system reliability.
  • Future-Proofing: With the extended user memory, the SIC73WR transponder supports additional storage for various purposes, such as adding digital signature or traceability information, catering to evolving needs.

By adopting the SIC73WR LF HDX RFID transponder, businesses can mitigate the risks associated with continuity issues, avoid high costs related to obsolescence and system upgrades as well as maximize benefit from your valuable invested infrastructure and continue to reap the benefits of LF HDX RFID technology.

Please visit SIC73WR product page for more detail. Silicon Craft team is eager to assist you with any inquiries.


Technical Specification
Communication StandardISO 11784/85
Programmable ID Memory80 bits
Extended User Memory720 bits
Programming Cycle100,000 cycles
Data Retention20 years
ESD Immunity2 kV
Operating Frequency134.2 kHz
LF HDX RFID De Facto Command Support
Charge Only ReadYes
General Read PageYes
Program PageYes
Lock PageYes
Device Information & Package
Glass Tag 32mmPADAGU54G10SUWR2BT1
Glass Tag 23mmPADAGU53G10SUWR3PT1

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