Protect your brand with an NFC anti-counterfeiting solution


Protect your brand with an NFC anti-counterfeiting solution

In the online shopping era, the world’s business trends have often changed. During the pandemic situation, this business sector has grown sharply. More people mentioned that they are likely to prefer online shopping over conventional shopping because of its convenience. The salesperson can communicate and give the products’ detail to their customer directly online. Also, the customer can make a direct purchase online via the e-commerce application on their mobile devices much easier and faster.

Although, if you are the retailers or buyers, you may not be able to see the real goods or products before purchasing them. Therefore, how can you know and believe the salesperson will give you the right one and is up to the expected standard as the orders?

Counterfeiting is a global issue that affects all kinds of products, especially luxury or high valued products. This problem can cause damage to both brand owners and their customers. So, many technologies have been created for solving this problem such as serial numbers, barcode, and QR code, but these solutions are still not effective enough to protect the brands and their customers alike because they can be copied with relative ease.

The NFC is an effective technology against counterfeiting because of its highlight feature “Rolling Code” as an exclusive feature in our microchip (SIC43NT, SIC43S1). Also, this anti-counterfeiting solution with NFC can promote the relationship between a brand and its customers.

How does the Rolling Code work?

The customer can use their smartphones with the NFC feature to tap and read the data on the NFC chip on the product for checking its authenticity.

  1. Rolling Code is generated from the chip’s UID (Unique Identifier) using our specific method.
  2. The reader (smartphone) reads the NFC chip and sends the rolling code to the server.
  3. The server verifies the rolling code against the UID and decrypts the data inside for checking whether the products or goods are real or fake.

The Rolling code is the code that rolls and changes whenever the chip has been tapped by an NFC smartphone. If the server detects the same rolling code or the code does not match the UID that it has detected before, it will inform the brand’s owner and/or the customer that the product is fake. With the combination of the rolling code and the server, our anti-counterfeiting solution cannot be copied or imitated.

Moreover, our chip has the tamper evidence detection feature that you can check whether the product has been opened or not. Thus, you can be certain that the product’s packaging has not been opened or has its contents swapped out. Let our NFC chip embody trust and credit to your brand and add value to your products.

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