Keep your home safe with Smart Lock


Keep your home safe with Smart Lock

echnology disruption has occurred in every single minute with all hardware and software. It moves forward and everything is disrupted itself. It indicates that society is moving forward to support people’s life to be more convenient, modern, smart, and secure. Now, we are in a period of the technology is moving faster than ever before. 

A smart lock is one of the technologies that emerged to keep safe for our house and asset instead of the conventional ways of locking and unlocking the door. Also, this technology can support us better in any concerns that happen in conventional ways. 


A smart lock is an electromechanical lock which designed to perform locking and unlocking operations on a door. It receives the instructions via contactless communication or RFID usage from the device and uses a keycode to execute the locking and unlocking processes. The smart lock needs two main parts to work like the traditional ways: the lock (reader) and the key (tag). The key is not a physical key but a smartphone or a special key fob/card which consists of an RFID tag can be replacement. If you use smart lock via smartphone in the mobile app, you could access many features and devices such as notifications or cameras. 

However, there are still some limitations on using the smart lock especially the power-consuming in the lock (reader). The source of power for the lock is only from the battery, highly consumption in power makes us need to change the battery for its lock often.  

So, SIC develops and creates the microchip “RA12” for solving this problem. RA12 is the microchip for the reader which has a highlight feature called “Card Detection Mode” for reducing the power consumption in the reader. For example, when we need to access the house, we must use a smartphone or keycard to tap near the reader (lock). With this feature of our chip, the reader can detect the key (RFID tag) whether it appears or not. When it cannot detect the tag, it will reduce power consumption from the battery. But when it detects, it will turn back the power consumption to be in the normal mode again. This feature not only helps us in power saving but also extends the battery’s lifetime about 30-50% longer than a normal reader. Moreover, the smart lock can operate with other contactless communications, for example, WI-FI or Bluetooth, for connecting to the cloud to enhance the user experience.  

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