Product Description

LF HDX transponder with 80-bit programable ID – SIC73WR

Low-Frequency Half-Duplex with 80-bit programmable code

Highlight Features

  • Perfect Precision: 134.2 kHz LF HDX transponder with minimal frequency variation.
  • Enhance your Efficiency: 80-bit programmable unique identification, effortlessly customizable with any standard HDX reader.
  • Industrial-Grade RFID: Built tough and robustness for harsh environment.
  • Transponder in a wedge and glass tag shape package for industrial application.
  • Low-frequency HDX technology at 134.2 kHz field frequency.
  • Best-in-class read and write sensitivity.

Supported Protocol

  • ASK downlink data transmission
  • FSK uplink at 134kHz/123kHz with RF/16 data rate


  • 80-bit programable code
  • 720-bit extended user memory
  • Memory erase/write cycle up to 100,000 cycles
  • Memory retention up to 20 years


  • Wedge
  • Glass Tag
  • IC


  • Access Control
  • Container Tracking
  • Industrial Automation
  • Waste Management

Form Factor Availability

  • IC
  • Wedge
  • Glass tag 23 mm (To be announced)
  • Glass tag 32 mm (To be announced)