Nearly all cars sold since 2000 have included an immobilizer system. To ignite the engine, the driver needs a car key integrating an RFID transponder which is extremely difficult to reproduce compared to a mechanical blade car key. The immobilizer system significantly reduces the rate of car theft and becomes a standard feature in modern automotive.

Both ECU, the electronics units controlling the engine, and the RFID transponder in the immobilizer system share a secret value.
The ECU and RFID containing an immobilizer transponder IC exchange this confidentiality in a secured manner called encrypted mutual authentication.

Monitoring the communication between these two devices shows a random-like signal that hardly interprets any means. By verifying both the mechanical key blade and RFID transponder before the ignition, starting the engine is impossible without the correct car key.

Because RFID an immobilizer transponder IC is a security device with advanced cryptography and sophisticated manufacturing process, it is a unique component and cannot interchange easily. A service charge for a replacement car key from dealership is typically expensive and requires a long lead time. Alternatively, there is also a replacement car key service from certified locksmith for car models available in the market for a certain time.

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