Why packaging becomes an important thing for consumer brands?

NFC tamper detection - AIPIA packaging

Why packaging becomes an important thing for consumer brands?

Unarguably, the vast impact of the pandemic has leveraged many industries and businesses to shift their business model to do the omnichannel. Nonetheless, the e-commerce industry has an enormous growth in their revenue due to the people avoid going out and some of the cities were lockdown. They turned and changed their buying behavior to visit the online shopping site instead.

On the one hand, the problem of the counterfeit product won’t stop showing a lower sign as expected. It’s still being the root cause of the annoying reason which affects all the brand owners. When the customer looks only at the content and information posted on the brand site, this is not enough to make their trustiness and reliability to the brand anymore. The packaging is becoming a vital role for proving the product and attracting the customer to engage with the brand rather than seal its product safety while it’s delivering or providing the product information anymore. The packaging innovation is a sign of the revolution of its intelligence of the packaging to interact and engage with the customer by using the QR code or NFC technology, this matches solution interim of contactless society and concerned.

SIC’s products that can support and be used in smart packaging are SIC43NT and SIC43S1. SIC43NT/S1 is the RFID microchip with NFC tamper detection featured which can offer the solution with avoiding the counterfeiting caused and able to engage with the customer by using the IMC to interact and connect with them. These solutions can make the brand and customer won’t have a blind spot on each other. Besides, the brand can acknowledge the end-customer information (Warranty feature), educate the product information, and improve the brand trustiness via this packaging solution (Smart tag and label). 

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