Leverage your farm to be smarter with Animal Tag

Animal ID-Smart Farm

Leverage your farm to be smarter with Animal Tag

Over the last century, the global population has quadrupled. This growth is driving up global food demand. Also, consumers have more concerns about food quality, hygiene, and safety. This demand makes the farmers worldwide need to increase crop and meat production as well as manage their farms to be smarter by enabling technology integration.  

What things can help them? Have you ever been to the farm before? I’m sure that you would be curious about what adheres to the ear of the cow or the sheep? Let’s explore the answer together!  

The ears tag is the “Animal Identification Tag” or “Animal ID”. The Animal ID is the microchip for identifying animal identification. Every animal has its own ID similar to our ID number. This makes the farmer can recognize and classify the animal easily more than look at their physical appearances.

Moreover, the animal tag can be used for counting the animal number. For example, when we let the cow out of the house on the ground (Greenfield). Once, they come back to the cow house. They will get through the gate door that embedded the RFID reader. This reader will collect their ID automatically.  

The tag and reader transfer the data by the electrical radio waves or RFID with a low carrier frequency at 134.2 kHz within a meter range. This RFID technology let the farmer could check and track their animals instantly by monitoring the ID.

Silicon Craft Technology (SIC) has designed, developed, and distributed the microchip for animal identification tags for almost 2 decades. The highlight feature of our product “SIC278” is the longer reading range than the other providers.  

However, this is an example of the RFID animal ID tag’s use case. Next, we’ll illustrate and give you the other solution that use the same product at here on our SIC blog. Please stay tuned by following us on this website to connect and update the more advantages of the Animal Tag to let your farm be smarter. 

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