Discovering the RFID Reader function in Games & Toys application


Discovering the RFID Reader function in Games & Toys application

Silicon Craft Technology (SIC) has developed the microchips for use in a wide range of applications. One of our major technologies is a microchip for interrogator and reader which supports international standards and applicable to many industries. For example, the reader for an industrial system is used for tracking the products in the production line, and the reader for smart toys and games is used to connect to the screen, also it makes more interaction with the players and the toys.

As you see in the video, the RFID reader (RE41) performs as a card reader. It converts the signal from the tag in the card then shows the data on the computer screen. This is just one of the exciting applications that RFID can do.

How RFID reader works?

The RFID or Radio Frequency Identification technology is used to identify and track the objects by using the radio waves. This system consists of three major components. 

  1. Tag/Transponder is used to attach with the objects to collect their data. 
  1. Interrogator/Reader is used to read and write the data in the tags. 
  1. The systems such as software, hardware, database, or the output unit for use in any applications. 

Tag and reader communicate with each other by the radio signal. The reader gets the signal from the tag and then send it to the MCU for evaluating and showing it later as the figure below.

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