Making smart solutions in industries with “SIC278” LF microchip

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Making smart solutions in industries with “SIC278” LF microchip

Silicon Craft Technology PLC (SIC) has designed and developed microchips for use in RFID applications for almost 2 decades. Our microchips can be applied to many industries. In this blog, we will introduce the “SIC278” which is one of our outstanding products.

SIC278 is the microchip for identifying applications that operates in the low-frequency range at 100 – 150 kHz. The highlight feature of SIC278 is reading range performance. The reader can read this microchip in a range that is more than 100 cm* because of our unique design techniques. Also, there are 1184 bits in the user memory area unit for storing the unique ID and other data based on user requirements. Moreover, the user can adjust the resonance capacitor value for expanding the reading range between the reader and microchip.

SIC278 is the microchip that has 2 levels of password for read authorization and read/write authorization for securing the data inside. Also, it is supported by ISO 11784/85 standards.

All the features mentioned above make the SIC278 is one the best microchip in the RFID microchip market and industry. It can be used in a wide range of applications, for example, animal identification, access control, automation in industry, etc. These are just some examples of using cases, the user can adjust and use it based on requirements to make many smart solutions and applications.

*The reading range is up to the form factor.

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