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Animal ID

Making smart solutions in industries with “SIC278” LF microchip

Silicon Craft Technology PLC (SIC) has designed and developed microchips for use in RFID applications for almost 2 decades. Our microchips can be applied to many industries. In this blog, we will introduce the “SIC278” which is one of our outstanding products. SIC278 is the microchip for identifying applications that operates in the low-frequency range at 100 – 150 kHz....


How to find sick livestock?

From the previous blog, we have introduced the Animal Identification Tag (Animal ID) and its basic applications. In the blog, we will describe more applications in which animal tags can help to manage and control the farm better.  The problems mainly found in the animal are sick and disease. The cattle, sheep, or goats can be sick easily when the...

Animal ID-Smart Farm

Leverage your farm to be smarter with Animal Tag

Over the last century, the global population has quadrupled. This growth is driving up global food demand. Also, consumers have more concerns about food quality, hygiene, and safety. This demand makes the farmers worldwide need to increase crop and meat production as well as manage their farms to be smarter by enabling technology integration.   What things can help them? Have you ever been to the...