Dr. Bodin Kasemset, CEO of Silicon Craft, showed the vision in “APAC Business Headline” magazine

Dr. Bodin Kasemset, CEO of Silicon Craft, showed the vision in “APAC Business Headline” magazine

It has been more than 20 years for Silicon Craft Technology PLC in the passage of tech industry since established in 2002. Today, we have become a global leader semiconductor company where provide and design world-class RFID and NFC microchip solutions which are well-integrated in various applications such as animal identification, immobilizers, access control, NFC, and sensor interface. As a fabless semiconductor designer, Silicon Craft also specializes and​ has experience in innovating Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) that come with specific and smart features, helping to evaluate customers’ products and services to be outstanding in the market, under fierce competition.

We also aim for best-in-class performance and high-quality products with exceptional technical support for our customers.

Those are the words of our CEO, Dr. Bodin Kasemset, and always be our mission. Hence, Silicon Craft keeps researching and developing our RFID and NFC microchips to push the boundaries of RFID technology. From past to present, we deliver solutions to our customers with volition, collaboration, and creativity. It is a long journey, but we will always have breakthrough technologies to unlock digital transformation potential, then, someday the impossible is nothing for us.

You can read the full article, Silicon Craft Technology: On A Mission to Shape the World of Secured Connected Devices with Innovation & Intelligence, in “APAC Business Headline” magazine (October 2023) to explore more about Silicon Craft, our mission, and our next steps in the modern tech industry.

View more: https://apacbusinessheadlines.com/Vol-12-Issue-1-semiconductor-web-version/Silicon-Craft-Technology/.


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