Silicon Craft presented NFC for authentication in Luxe Pack Monaco 2023

Silicon Craft presented NFC for authentication in Luxe Pack Monaco 2023

October 2-4, Silicon Craft Technology PLC exhibited showcase booth in Luxe Pack Monaco 2023, the premiere trade show for creative packaging. In this exhibition Silicon Craft team presented innovative packaging with RFID and NFC microchips, which offer value added solution by elevating packaging to be smart and secure.


Silicon Craft team and visitors


As we know, value added strategy is the impressive way for creating goods outstanding from other competitors in the blue ocean market. It enhances brand image, brand trust, and last but not least brand loyalty which attracts customers engagement, consumer satisfaction, and repeat purchases as well. It is in need marketing strategy especially in luxury brand likewise jewelry and accessories, hi-end handbags, cosmetic and perfume, which comes with high price and proof of authenticity is indeed.

Introduce SIC Booth


In Luxe Pack Monaco 2023, Silicon Craft offers value added solutions for luxury brand via our RFID microchip technologies, NFC for authentication, including:

1.SIC43NT: a smart microchip with tampering detection.

It combines two vital features of tamper detection to verify whether the packaging has been opened and proof of authenticity to ensure the product is genuine. This can help you avoid purchasing fake or expired products, ready to be adapted for vary packaging such as wine bottles, cosmetic boxes, or skincare boxes.


SIC43NT comes with feature to detect package opened or not.


2. SIC43S1: a smart microchip with high security for your packaging.

It can encrypt your information and prevent others from copying or stealing it. Additionally, it can also authenticate the product to ensure it is from the original source, helping you protect your privacy and security. This can be applied to various products, such as necklace accessories and luxury handbags which can embed SIC43S1 inside.


Authenticate function of SIC43S1 can ensure that product is genuine.


Silicon Craft would like to say “Thank you” to every visit at Booth no. AC08 in Luxe Pack Monaco 2023. We appreciate that you found our product and service to be valuable and hope to have the opportunity to meet you again in the future.

If you are looking for solutions to enhance your packaging and brand, or need more information about Silicon Craft Technology, please feel free to contact us.




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