Come and visit SIC at “MEDICAL JAPAN 2020 OSAKA”

Come and visit SIC at “MEDICAL JAPAN 2020 OSAKA”

Come and visit SIC at “MEDICAL JAPAN 2020 OSAKA”,
INTEX Osaka, Thai Pavilion, Hall 5 Booth 11-16 from 26 to 28 February 2020

The 10th Medical Device Development Expo (MEDIX OSAKA 2020) is the leading trade fair and most influential for the medical facilities from around the world that we exhibit here consecutively for the third year. Nowadays, Japan is the world’s 3rd largest medical market, also the aging population grows up at a high rate that results in the expansion and construction of new hospitals and elderly care facilities, as well as leads to the growth of the medical industry.

We also notice this trend, which is why we have always improved and developed our products that can be used in the medical industry with more easily used and more accurate results. Here are our products that we exhibit in this fair and some of the interesting and exciting applications to provide the medical industry with better user experience, more connected and secured. Let see how RFID technology makes medical devices smarter.

Providing more security in your product with anti-counterfeiting and customer engagement solutions by a multi-functional passive NFC-Forum type 2 tag with event-triggering security, mutual authentication, and encrypted communicationDemo: Blockchain Card
Just go to the hospital or clinic with this card! the blockchain card makes more comfortable transferring, receiving, and reading patient data, which the doctor will get all the accurate treatment data and they can treat you right away.
Enhancing anti-counterfeiting and customer engagement solutions with a passive NFC-Forum type 2 tag with event-triggering dynamic NDEF and rolling code OTPDemo: Wristband
This wristband collects all the patient data while they are in the hospital, which makes the doctor, nurse and others can track, treat and cure patients instantly.
Making a smarter medical device for seamlessly measuring and forwarding data by a passive NFC-Forum type 2 tag with the generic sensor interfaceDemo: Smart Blister
Smart Blister is applied for the growing of aging society and used for telemedicine in which the doctor or you can track the medical taking behavior of the patient and your parents for the punctual medicine taking.
Demo: Flexsense
It is very easy to simplify and pre-screen the disease by this Flexsense, you just need the test strip and NFC smartphone. Drop the liquid (eg. blood, solutions, sweat), then check the result in the application on your smartphone.Demo: Water Meter Card
The contamination in the drinking water is the concerning thing, you can verify your water by just drop the water on this card, then check the result in the application on your smartphone.
A highly versatile multi-standard reader for a wide range of high-frequency RFID applications with low power consumption and wide supply voltages
Demo: Test Tube Reader
The RFID multi-positioning test tube reader will help to refine and define the testing process with more efficiency and accuracy.

In this exhibition, we have officially launched in Japan the Reader with more efficiency and features.

Enhancing the smart energy management for power saving with low-power card detection function in an efficient multi-protocol readerNonetheless, RFID technology not only applicable to medical things but also works well with other industries.

Demo: Mini AGV 
The reader can applicable with toy application, this demo shows you and makes the other creative idea about other RFID applications.

The RFID technology can be more than you think which makes your life has more secure and connected to the future.
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