Silicon Craft attended public forum in Medical Fair Thailand 2023

Silicon Craft attended public forum in Medical Fair Thailand 2023

On 15 September, Dr. Bodin Kasemset, CEO of Silicon Craft Technology PLC (SIC), joined public forum in topic: Wearable Medical Devices – Track their own health and exercise activity, as well as by clinicians to monitor patients remotely, which was held in Medical Fair Thailand 2023, leading medical and healthcare exhibition and industry sourcing platform.

Nowadays, wearable medical devices are important tools in healthcare especially Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) which tracks blood glucose levels continuously 24 hours a day. This technology guides diabetes treatments for doctors, as well as helps diabetic patients control blood glucose levels more effectively by checking it in real time.

Silicon Craft continuously researches, develops wireless sensor interface chips, also promotes usage of it all through with the purpose to raise life quality of patients. Today, our product, SIC4341, can be adapted to track blood glucose levels and other biochemicals with no battery. This technology is small, portable, and uses only power from NFC readers such as smartphones.

Thank you for this opportunity. Silicon Craft will keep innovating and researching innovation for life quality improvement. We hope microchips for RFID and NFC technologies will increase the ability of other disease treatments.

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