SIC43NT chip on the Smartrac’s Circus™ Tamper Loop Pro


SIC43NT chip on the Smartrac’s Circus™ Tamper Loop Pro

We are delighted that our microchip “SIC43NT” is a part of Smartrac, a global market leader in RFID products and solutions, new Circus™ Tamper Loop Pro inlays and tags. We are so grateful for the trust you have placed in us.


Smartrac’s Circus Tamper Loop Pro products extend the proven tamper detection and authentication features of the Circus Tamper Loop tags with advanced cryptographic capabilities provided by its Pro level IC. Typical application areas comprise the authentication of pharmaceutical products and luxury goods from premium liquors to high-quality watches.

The SIC43NT chip uses a highly secure MICKEY V1 Stream cipher algorithm to create one-time password values for real-time tag and message authentication. Leveraging its unique feature set, the latest NFC product targets a wide array of NFC-based applications in highly secure product authentication and brand protection, consumer engagement, customer loyalty programs, and protected content distribution.


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