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SIC is a fabless semiconductor company with the Application Specification Integrated Circuit (ASIC) product design expertise focused on emerging innovative devices: Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) technology.

By focusing on the development, design and certification of microchip properties through the Application Specification Integrated Circuit (ASIC) and the specific innovations development, SIC products are further developed in value-added shapes (form factor), tags, and smart labels to be used in all RFID, NFC, and LF applications.

SIC products is the microchips for tags and readers that can be divided into 4 groups as follows


Immobilizer (Automotive)

SIC offers microchips for access and immobilizer systems. An immobilizer system is an anti-theft system or electronic security device which modern cars use. The immobilizer system uses RFID technology by using an electronic-chips embedded into the vehicle and the key. It prevents the engine from starting without using the vehicle’s authorized key.

SIC’s microchips for immobilizer system is a low frequency tag which can work without battery (passive tag). Nowadays, SIC has more than 10 products in this group, which can support the needs of the customer in different key and vehicle.

SIC has always been a reliable international leading provider of microchips. Nowadays, SIC have many customers which provide an immobilizer system from Europe and USA that is a premium aftermarket.

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Animal Identification (Animal Tag)

SIC offers the microchips for the livestock identification tag which can be used in a wide range of animals including: cattle, sheep, swine, fish, goats, horses, and domestic pets by identifying the animal individually. Identification tags are produced in a wide variety such as plastic ear tags or tiny glass rod for injection to gather and manage livestock information to comply with food traceability and food safety.

Livestock identification system consists of tags and reader which work by radio frequency. In the read range, reader can read tags after that the information will be gathered and shown on computer display or kept in the database.

SIC’s microchips for livestock identification tag is a low frequency tag which can work without battery by following the ISO11784, ISO11875 and ICAR (The International Committee of Animal Recording) standards.

The communication range between reader and tag of our product is farther than our competitors by 10 percent and also follow the standards which makes our customer can get the best quality product.

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Industrial IoT Reader ICs Access Control

SIC offers microchips for the access control and interrogator or reader system. Access control system consists of portable card and reader at the door. Reader reads the data from card for collecting access information and also connect with the security system by unlocking the door.

SIC’s microchips for the access control system uses low frequency with the cards, and high frequency with the readers.

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Advanced NFC

SIC offers microchips for the Near Field Communication (NFC) which can be used in many industrial, for example, doing a payment, getting into the concert or theme park via the ticketing wearable, game controller, and even the medical and healthcare devices.

These are just a few examples of the NFC use case, there are so many more exciting things that you can do by using NFC.

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