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Thank you for visiting SIC @ 2014 IOTE Shenzhen, China
Please visit SIC @ 2014 IOTE Shenzhen, China
Silicon Craft unveils NFC smart poster with multiple touchpoints
Thailand-based technology provider Silicon Craft Technology (SCT) has shown off a low-cost interactive poster that contains multiple touchpoints, enab
Thai IC Developer's NFC RFID Chip Has Ability to Enable New Interactive Products
Silicon Craft Technology's NFC Enabler IC lets users create electronic devices that can broadcast sensor data, smart posters with passively powered pu
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SIC4310 is a dual-port EEPROM memory, accessible and programmable wirelessly via RFID/NFC devices. The SIC4310 mainly consists of EEPROM memory, an RFID analog-front-end interfacing circuit supporting ISO14443A, an UART controller with two 64-bytes FIFO and an on-chip regulator.
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