Product Description

NFC forum type 2 tag IC with AES-128 based security – SIC43S1

A Passive NFC-Forum Type 2 Tag with Event-triggering Security, Mutual Authentication, and Encrypted Communication

A passive NFC tag with event-triggered dynamic NDEF and rolling code for smart voucher and coupon application

Highlight Features

  • NFC forum type 2 tag
  • Tamper detection pin
  • Dynamic NDEF message which contains UID, tamper evidence message, and a secure rolling code called Smart Authenticated Code (SAC)
  • Three modes of AES128-based security
    • NDEF authentication – CMAC or OCB mode
    • Mutual Authentication
    • Encrypted communication

Interfaces and Peripherals

  • RF interface based on ISO14443A, 106 kbps data rate
  • True anti-collision
  • On-chip capacitance 50 pF


  • Factory programmed 7-byte UID
  • Lock bytes with anti-tearing protection
  • 816-byte user memory
  • Dedicated memory section for configuration: authentication, pin configuration, and rolling code configuration
  • Dedicated memory for timestamp and tamper status
  • EEPROM organization enabling NDEF TLV messages
  • EEPROM erase/write cycle up to 100,000 times
  • EEPROM memory retention up to 10 years

Operating Conditions

  • 13.56MHz operating radio frequency
  • Operating temperature from -40°C to 85°C


  • Die-On-Wafer with Au-Bump
  • DFN


  • Wafer map – XML, TXT, SECSII
  • UID summary


Anti-Counterfeiting Concept


  • Anti-tampering sticker and label
  • Smart packaging
  • Vouchers and coupons
  • Product authentication
  • High-security access control
  • NFC-wakeup devices and appliances
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi pairing
  • Toys
SIC43NT,S1 and ASIC design