Product Description

ASIC Solutions

ASICs Design

  • Over 150 man-year experiences in ASIC Design Specialize in:
    • Mixed-signal IC design
    • Low-power IC design for automotive and biomedical
  • RFID and WSN
  • Offer complete solution from ASIC design to IC production, semi-finish electronic products, and ODM
  • Full-range of RFID IC from LF,HF,UHF, active & passive, NFC
  • Close collaboration with universities, design & test lab
  • Technical support ranged from IC design level, embedded level to system level
  • Strong and healthy business with 10 years of proven records in ASIC design
  • Feasibility analysis/Risk assessment
  • Choice of technology with our own proven IP library
  • ASIC architecture proposal
  • Development plan for project
  • Commercial proposal for design and component delivery
  • Change your marketplace with DELTA’s ASIC expertise