Thai Shrimp Exporters Use RFID for Automation, Traceability

Jul 12, 2007—Two Thai shrimp exporters are using an RFID system to improve their ability to quickly and accurately trace the shrimp they sell, from the time the product arrives at processing plants, until it is exported to customers in Japan, European countries and the United States. The companies are employing the technology to reduce labor costs by replacing...


Thai Researchers Study RFID for Managing Prawns and Other Food Fish

Aug 05, 2008—Researchers in Thailand are investigating the benefits of radio frequency identification for tracking prawns and fish to monitor growth and improve breeding. According to project leader Rungtawan Panakulchaiwat, staff members with the department of fisheries science at King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang have successfully embedded passive RFID tags in giant prawns, Nile tilapia and walking catfish....


NFC ads deliver recipes that change with the weather

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) has run an NFC-enabled outdoor advertising campaign in three cities, providing shoppers with different recipes depending on how warm the weather is. "Depending on the temperature at the location of the Adshel panel, the user was presented with recipe suggestions that best suited the location's temperature," platform provider Tapit's Andrew Davis told NFC World. In...