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NFC Interactive Poster
Multiple & Dynamic Contents
“Interactive Poster” is a new, easy-to-use application for electronic media content. It is designed for multiple and dynamic advertising content. Users can extract data simply by touching it with their NFC devices, downloading different vouchers and coupons, or connecting via URL and social media.
SIC-interactive poster “Interactive Poster,” based on a passive transponder IC (SIC4310), that offers a unique, cutting- edge solution for the advertising industry. This is an unprecedented poster that provides increased interactive and dynamic content to consumers.

  This solution can be deployed as a “smart” touch-sensitive NFC label combined with a touchpad, which connects to SIC4310’s capacitive sensing channels. A top-up on the upper layer with advertising campaigns, the “Interactive Poster with sensitive touch” can provide an exciting user experience of “Tap-Touch-Go”.

Interactive Poster’s Competitive Advantages
  • Multiple;Offer multiple contents and touch-sensitive switches
  • Dynamic;Engage consumers through dynamic advertising contents.
  • Interactive;Provide a user experience of connecting digital technology to the physical world
  • Battery-less;Easy to use, passively-operated
  • Disposable;Cost effective solution, consumers can treat “interactive poster” as disposable product after using it.
How to use “ Interactive Poster”
Step1: Tap the NFC Smartphone to “Interative Poster ”

Step 2: Presses a touch-sensitive switch from multiple advertising categories to get coupons, or connecting via the URL.
Step3: NFC Smartphone as a hub of information,
then the information can be further forwarded to the cloud.
Design Reference
SIC4310: NFC Forum Type 2 Tag IC with capacitive sensing channels
Highlight Features:
• NFC-Forum Type 2 tag with 8 capacitive sensing channels, designed to fit with one-layer inlay production
• Multi-NDEF predefined by touch switches or basic rule allowing dynamic event triggering from
  the transponder
• Write/Read through NFC /RFID-reader device
SIC4310 for Interactive Poster
SIC4310: NFC Forum Type 2 Tag IC with capacitive sensing channels
The following examples highlight the variety of applications that can be developed from the SIC4310
Project Plan
  • 2014

    January-March: Improve prototype and add more features
    April: Launch the second prototype
    May-July: Start implementing pilot projects

  • 2013

    November-December : First prototype of Interactive poster launched, conducted market tests and collected customers’ feedback.

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