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NFC with Event-Triggered Dynamic NDEF and Rolling Code for smart voucher and coupon application

A Passive NFC-Forum type 2 tag with Event-Triggered Dynamic NDEF and Rolling Code for smart voucher and coupon application

The SIC43NT is a NFC Forum Type 2 Tag IC with an RF detection/ Tampering (RFD/TD) pin which can be configured to be the RF field detection output pin or the Tampering detection input pin.

n the first purpose, the RF detection pin can be configured to generate the wake-up output to the MCU to waking up the system from sleep state. This function can be used in many applications such as Bluetooth pairing, WIFI setting, or wireless authentication. The On-chip memory is enough to store necessary pairing information for electronic devices and embedded systems. To serve the different designs, the RF detection pin also can be set to:

(1) 1.8V output voltage mode, in which the RFD pin connected directly to the I/O; or

(2) open-drain mode, in which the logic can be translated to MCU VDD level.

Moreover, the RFD pin can be configured to operate in tamper evidence detection mode where a tear able conductor normally connects between the RF detection pin and the tag’s ground pin. This mode is designed for anti-tampering applications. A RFID/NFC device can monitor the status of the pin via special commands to check whether the conductor has been cut or still be in a safety state.

The SIC43NT NDEF response can be configured to be the tampering detection, including Dynamic NDEF data, which contains tamper status of the tag and a rolling code. These two data will be mirrored into the NDEF message at the position corresponding to the dynamic data pointer set by users.

  • The tamper status indicates whether the tag’s RFD pin (in tamper evidence detector mode) has been disconnected or not.
  • The rolling code is a one-time generated data that can be used to check authenticity of the tag. It is generated by a secure cipher module with an 80-bit key.
  • In addition, the tag can be configured to mirror these dynamic data in NDEF message only when a certain condition is met: either mirror data only when the tag is not tampered, or mirror only after the tag has been tampered.

    Highlight Features
  • NFC forum type 2 tag
  • A configurable pin for three modes:
    • RF field detection
    • Tamper evidence detection
    • Sleep mode
  • Dynamic NDEF message
    • RF field detection
    • contains tamper evidence and rolling code
    • mirrored into original NDEF message
    • can be triggered by tamper status of the tag
  • Password protection
  • Tag authenticity verification using rolling code (optional)
  • Interfaces and Peripherals
  • RF interface based on ISO14443A, 106 kbps data rate
  • Configurable output style for RF detector mode
    • Push-Pull Mode
    • Open-Drain Mode
  • On-chip capacitance 50 pF
  • Memory
  • 7-byte UID
  • Lock byte with anti-tearing protection
  • 1 page for OTP memory
  • 144-byte user memory
  • 8 dedicated pages for configuration functions: Password authentication; Pin configuration; and Rolling code configuration
  • EEPROM organization enabling NDEF format
  • EEPROM erase/write cycle up to 100,000 times
  • EEPROM memory retention up to 10 years at 70ºC
  • Operating Conditions
  • 13.56MHz operating radio frequency
  • Operating temperature from -40 to 85 ºC
  • Package
  • DOW (Die-on-Wafers)
  • DOW with Au-Bump
  • Custom packages
  • Supplementary
  • Wafer map - XML, TXT, SECSII
  • UID summary
  • Applications

    Anti Counterfeiting Concept

  • Anti-tampering sticker and label
  • Secure packaging seal
  • Product authenticity verification
  • Smart posters
  • Toys
  • NFC-wakeup devices and appliances
  • Bluetooth pairing
  • WiFi connection
    Development Kit Demonstration Video